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Signals & Alarms
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Marion and the Pipe - One day while repairing an embankment, Marion strikes something...
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Thomas the Quarry Engine - When Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect trucks from the...

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Toad's Adventure - Oliver is always telling his Toad about his adventures. Toad longs to...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1108

Signals & Alarms


Signals Crossed - Toby is always nervous when he has to go through Knapford Junction with the big gantry signal over the track. One day Toby waits nervously for his signal to change, but it stays on red. He waits and waits, holding up other engines, but the signal doesn't change. Sir Topham Hatt is very annoyed until everybody finally realizes that the signal is broken. Educational Objectives: being helpful and kind, encouraging others, developing confidence, conquering fears, demonstrating responsibility. Thomas and the Emergency Cable - Thomas is on his branch line when a passenger pulls the emergency cable and he has to stop quickly. It turns out it's not an emergency at all--the passenger is a bird watcher who's spotted a rare bird. To make matters worse, Clarabel has a flat wheel after being dragged along with her brakes on. The next time Thomas sees the bird watcher he refuses to pick him up. But Thomas learns that that's not the right thing to do either. Educational Objectives: perspective taking, following rules, asking good questions, apologizing.

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