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Special Friends
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Thomas the Quarry Engine - When Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect trucks from the...
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Old Reliable Edward - Gordon and the big engines tease Edward for being old. When Gordon...

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No More Mr. Nice Engine - Hiro is one of the strongest engines on Sodor. He is also very...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1106

Special Friends


Toad's Adventure - Oliver is always telling his Toad about his adventures. Toad longs to have an adventure of his own. When Toad gets the chance to work with James, he is very excited. But James doesn't like pulling trucks and goes too fast. When a coupling snaps, Toad gets a bigger adventure than he expected! Educational Objectives: appreciating one's individual skills, expressing gratitude, taking responsibility for actions, understanding there are consequences to one's actions. Duck and the Slip Coaches - Sir Topham Hatt is concerned about getting all the summer visitors to their destinations on time. Duck tells the other engines about the slip coaches used on the Great Western Railway that could be uncoupled at stations without stopping. James relays the information to Sir Topham Hatt, claiming it's his idea, but James has never used slip coaches before and soon runs into trouble. Educational Objectives: telling the truth, being helpful, making meaningful contributions, understanding there are consequences to one's actions.

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