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Musical Performance and Inspiration | Shaprece

Enjoy the unique music of Shaprece, as well as a brief talk in which she describes her creative process.

"Her Song"

Oh. insecurity whispers its gripping voice.
Seeping deeper and deeper into his head.
Speaking only at the most inconvenient times,

Only when she loves him, and wants him near.
But he couldn’t imagine his nights alone.
And the kiss from his lover when he gets home

Is the sweetest form of simplicity he has known.
So where did he go wrong?
Her love is tangled in his soul.

Self-sabotaging her song for you, why won’t you let it play?
Such a beautiful melody interrupted by the rain.
Self-sabotaging her song for you
Why won’t you let it play?
Such a beautiful melody interrupted by the rain.
She didn’t mind his ways of loving.
Often turned a blind eye to the things she needed.

Anticipating winds of change, maybe today.
He saw the look upon her face, nothing to say.
The bitter taste of loving lost, and all this time we knew we wasted.

More often than not, it starts out as a simple poem and is taken over by a melody.

My passion in life is painting pictures through song. I figured out very early on that this is the core of what makes me tick. Transforming scenes from my life and those around me into ballads helped me better understand the human experience. More often than not it starts out as a simple poem and is taken over by a melody. Somehow, "ten thousand crashes over and over, same mistakes, I’m a glutton for the pain," turns into:

Ten thousand crashes, over and over, same mistakes.
I’m a glutton for the pain.

All of a sudden, there’s an image to go along with the emotion, and it’s in that moment that I have a clear understanding of what I’m going through, or what the person who inspired the piece is going through. It’s a sort of therapy, if you will.

So, for me, music is not only sonically pleasing, but it is a way of life for me, and a form of self-expression. Anyone who is following their passions and dreams will let you know that it’s not a road for the weary. It takes a lot of endurance, confidence, patience. And it can be quite frustrating sometimes, because more often than not you’ll hear the word no a thousand times over before you even hear the word yes maybe once. It’s in those moments that it’s important that we remind ourselves to trust our process and not focus so much on the product.

Trusting your individual process is key. I can tell you a thousand things that go into my individual process, but I’ll just tell you two that really stick close to me. Number one being: To create an environment that’s worthy of your trust. Somewhere that you can be completely honest and transparent. Cry if you need to, scream at the top of your lungs, dance around crazily  whatever it is that makes you creative and that you feel the most confident doing. That’s the first thing  that’s the foundation for me. Being in an environment where I can feel like myself.

Second to that is creating a team that you can also trust, and that you can call on for moments of support. The person whom you can call when you feel like you’re hitting that wall who will talk you off the ledge. That can just be your backbone. And you can offer the same in return, because as we all know, support goes both ways. So I’m really happy to say that I have found those people. And some of them are standing with me today  Phillip Peterson, on electric cello. IG88, and he does the production. Ian Imhof he’s my manager, he’s out there somewhere. This is my support and I appreciate you guys being a part of my process. Thank you.


Ten thousand crashes, over and over, same mistakes.
I’m a glutton for the pain.
Painted smiles, saves laughter, we were the greatest fate.
Tippie-toing through the motions, eyes were crying oceans and oceans.
Solitude, though I’m standing right next to you.
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. La la la la oh oh.


Remember when we were in love, we thought we had forever.
Remember when we were in love. Say what you need to say.
Don’t hold it back from me.
Despite my disbelief, and all this time,
We put it on the line, intentionally blind. Why?

'Cause you are the part of me that made me feel like a queen,
There’s nothing I couldn’t reach when you were flying next to me.
Way past the atmosphere you left my heart floating up there
And now it’s crashing all around me, hard to conceive.
Oh oh oh oh , oh oh whoa.

Remember when we were in love? We thought we had forever.
I tried to understand, but simply I just can’t.
‘Cause when you changed the plans, I found it hard for me to breathe.
Now I can’t feel a thing. Long before we leave.

“Wake Up Melting Snow”

Transcendent dreams, lucid memories, will you come with me?
This you must see. Are you listening now? This could save you.
You have to allow my love to see you through, see you through.
I could try to tell you all the things you’ll see. It’s easier if you follow me.
Oh oh oh, ooo.
It’s love we need, it’s love we need, it’s love we need.
These signs you read, don’t take them lightly.
You’re not imagining my voice is guiding you to love.
I want the best for you. Can I offer my truth? Oh oh oh.
Oh it’s love we need. It’s love we need.
The world could use a little more love today.
Oh. These signs you read don’t take them lightly.

Thank you.


Speaker Bio

Drawing from an eclectic palette of musical influences, Shaprece Renee Richardson’s latest artistic direction ranges from electronic beats to orchestral arrangement, soulful vocals to ambient soundscapes. Blending digitally altered tones with sultry, smoky vocals, she has aspired to create a category to call her own. Throughout the creative process, she’s gathered inspiration from the likes of Björk, Little Dragon, and Aaliyah, among others, forming a pleasant fusion of dreamy melodies and atmospheric sounds on her new album. Read more