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The Teardown

What Comes After the Viaduct? This Seattle Architect Has Big Ideas

In the latest episode of The Teardown, David Miller contemplates the role of Seattle's Viaduct in his life and his city, as well as his role in unmaking it.

August 21, 2019

Architect David Miller has lived his entire life in proximity to Seattle's Viaduct. As a child, he traveled its concrete decks with his family and in his adult life he has peered out over the elevated highway from his office at work and his downtown apartment. And now that the Viaduct is coming down — what he calls its "unmaking" — Miller is playing a role in determining what comes after. For this episode of The Teardown, Miller takes in the sights and sounds of the demolition and shares visions of a future waterfront that is very different from the working waterfront he grew up with.


Brad Curran

Brad Curran is a Seattle photographer, filmmaker, producer and educator. He holds a BS from Southern Oregon University and is a graduate from the Seattle Central Creative Academy, where he teaches part-time.

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