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Woofster and the Pet Pack
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Pig's big brothers are building houses with their blocks, but Pig wants to build...

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Red is headed to the park and wants to bring all of her toys, but she can't hold them all...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 323

Woofster and the Pet Pack


Whyatt can't wait to show his friends the new comic book he's written about Woofster and his friends - the Pet Pack - and their search for the missing Princess of Pet City. How, the Super Readers wonder, will the Pet Pack ever find their Princess? To find the answer, they'll jump into Whyatt's comic book and meet Keen Kitten and Hopkins. Together, they use their super powers to find the clues leading to their Princess. Educational Objectives: To learn to work together as a team. Kids will identify the letters B, P, and C, learn the word OCCUPATION, and rhyme -OP words. Then they'll use the clues to fill in the blank in the story and the power to read to save the day!

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