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The Beach Day Mystery
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Pig and Jill are running up and down the hill when Pig poops out! He wants to keep...
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Whyatt thinks his house is too loud while Princess Pea believes her home is too quiet!...

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Pig only has one toy car, but he wants lots more! Super Why and his friends fly into the...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 165

The Beach Day Mystery


Whyatt and the other fairytale buddies have found a clue leading to treasure and they need a little help! So the superhero readers fly into The Beach Day Mystery where they set off on a swashbuckling scavenger hunt adventure filled with clues, pirates, and of course, treasure! Will Super Why and his friends be able to outsmart the trickiest pirate of them all? Educational Objectives: To learn how to figure out clues. Kids will follow the alphabet, rhyme with AIL words, and use the power to read to change the story!

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