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The Story of Mother Goose
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Pig is too big for his bed and his sneakers are pinching his feet - what is going on? The...
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Oh dear! Princess Pea is so busy playing, she's late to Sleeping Beauty's birthday party...

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Red's adorable new puppy is whimpering and whining and she just doesn't know why! So...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 157

The Story of Mother Goose


Red is writing a new song but gets stuck because she simply can't think of the right word! To help her out, Super Why and his friends meet rhyming royalty - Mother Goose - just as she's starting to pen her legendary poems. Does Mother Goose pick her words at random, or is there a rhyme and reason to the way she composes her stories? Educational Objectives: To learn about word families. Kids will sing the alphabet and identify the letters G and O, practice the magic of spelling, and use the power to read to change the story.

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