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The Swan Maiden
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Red and Little Boy Blue are playing some music together when Little Boy Blue suddenly...
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Red and her friends are having a picnic in the park, but she has no energy to join in the...

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Super WHY!  ·  Episode 147

The Swan Maiden


Red really, really doesn't want her playdate with Little Boy Blue to end so she hides his horn. Super Why, Wonder Red, Princess Presto, and Alpha Pig fly into the story upon which the ballet "Swan Lake" was based, where they encounter a fair maiden who is having a similar problem with a prince! Will Super Why and his friends be able to help the Swan Maiden get her feathers back so she can return home before the sun sets? Educational Objectives: To learn strategies for ending a playdate, catch the alphabet using an alphabet net, identify the letters D,R,O, P, practice the magic of spelling, and use the power to read to change the story.

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