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The Goose and the Golden Eggs
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Oh no! Pig's new toy robot is out of control! The Super Readers fly into the story of The...
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Ahoy Matey! Yo, ho, ho and...a cup of tea?! Uh oh, Princess Pea wants to play Tea Party...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 130

The Goose and the Golden Eggs


Red's friends would love to try some of her delicious apples, but Red wants to keep them all for herself! The Super Readers venture into the story of the Goose and the Golden Eggs to visit an old man who is as protective of his special eggs as Red is of her delicious fruit. This old man must learn his lesson, before his golden goose flies the coop! And Red needs to find out how share with her friends. Educational Objectives: To learn about giving to friends, sing the alphabet and identify the letters M-O-R-E. Kids will practice the magic of spelling and find that the power to read can change the story.

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