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Beauty and the Beast
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Princess Pea's father is busy, busy, busy with no time to help her tie up her skates....
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There's a mystery in Storybrook Village - the case of the broken guitar strings! Jack...

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Where is Pig's beloved stuffed hippo? He's looked high and low but Henry Hippo is nowhere...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 125

Beauty and the Beast


"Grrr! Stomp!" is all Princess Pea hears on her playdate with Wolfy and she can't figure out why he's so angry! The Super Readers zip into the story of Beauty and the Beast and get to know the Beast himself! He isn't so "beastly" after all and if only he could turn down his roaring, Beauty might figure out they're not as different as she thinks. Educational Objectives: To learn about the right way to speak to friends, practice the alphabet, and rhyme with "ake" words. Kids will find out that the power to read can change the story!

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