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The Banana Mystery
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Pig has almost finished his puzzle when he realizes that the last piece is missing. To...
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Whyatt can't wait to show his new comic book to his friends, so when it goes missing they...

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Baby Joy is so excited that her babysitter Goldilocks is reading her A Day with Farmer...
Super WHY!  ·  Episode 307

The Banana Mystery


Pig's lemonade stand is sabotaged when someone keeps taking his lemons-but who is it? To solve Pig's mystery, the Super Readers take a trip into the book The Jungle Mystery where a search for Monkey's missing bananas takes them on a wild ride. They find clues, follow signs, and analyze evidence to solve the mystery just in time for Monkey to bake banana bread for a special celebration. Educational Objectives: To learn to observe and consider clues together to find an answer. Kids will play with the alphabet and identify the letters B, A, and N, find rhymes with -AIL words, and use opposite words to change the story.

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