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Stories of Service

Through special programming on air and online, we express our deep appreciation to veterans for their service, sacrifice and contribution to freedom.

Independent Lens: Stray Dog

Monday, November 9 at 10pm

Meet motorcycle-riding, stereotype-shattering Vietnam veteran Ronnie “Stray Dog” Hall as he tries to come to terms with his combat experience and help others like himself.

Iwo Jima: From Combat to Comrades

Tuesday, November 10 at 8pm

Follow survivors of perhaps the fiercest battle of WWII as they return to Iwo Jima for a Reunion of Honor on the only battlefield where former enemies come together in shared remembrance. Hosted by Ryan Phillippe.

Debt of Honor

Tuesday, November 10 at 9pm

Take an unflinching look at the reality of warfare and disability through interviews with prominent disabled veterans, including Representative Tammy Duckworth, former Georgia Senator Max Cleland and former Commander of Fort Belvoir, Gregory Gadson.

The National Memorial Day Concert

Watch Now

Honoring our American heroes for over 25 years, the concert pays tribute to the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given their lives for our country. Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise co-host the 26th annual broadcast of this night of remembrance that airs live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The Lincoln Awards: A Concert for Veterans & The Military Family

Watch Now

Enjoy a concert in celebration of the Lincoln Awards, which recognize outstanding achievement and excellence in providing opportunities and support to veterans and military families.

The Day the 60s Died

In May 1970, four students were shot dead at Kent State. The mayhem that followed has been called the most divisive moment in American history since the Civil War. From college campuses to the jungles of Cambodia, to the Nixon White House, "The Day the 60s Died" returns to that turbulent spring 45 years ago.

The Draft

The question of who serves in America’s military has shaped battle strategy and foreign policy and stranded Americans in uniform for years on distant battlefields. From the Civil War to the conflicts of the Vietnam era, forced military service has torn the nation apart — and sometimes, as in WWII, united Americans in a common purpose. Hear how a single, controversial issue continues to define America.

Dick Cavett's Vietnam

On the 40th anniversary of the official end of the Vietnam War, this program examines the war and its impact on America through the prism of interviews conducted by the iconic host of “The Dick Cavett Show,” which featured thoughtful conversation and debate from all sides of the political spectrum. The program combines interviews from Cavett’s shows with archival footage, network news broadcasts and audio/visual material from the National Archives to provide insight and perspective on this controversial chapter of American history.

The King County Veterans Program

KCTS 9’s Enrique Cerna talked with Rich Garmong, the business outreach coordinator for the King County Veterans Program about its efforts to help returning veterans as they enter the job market. Garmong is himself a veteran, having served in the Coast Guard for six years and then in the National Guard for 21 years, including a deployment to Iraq in 2004.

IN Close: Hero Corps

Wounded warrior Oskar Zepeda gets the chance to continue to serve his country in the battle against online child pornography. It is part of a new effort called The Hero Corps to help veterans like Oskar as they return to civilian life. Enrique Cerna tells us how Oskar became a part of this unique pilot project.

Watch the full episode: IN CLOSE: Coming Home: Challenges Facing Washington Vets.

First Look: Honor & Sacrifice

Local filmmakers, Don Sellers and Lucy Ostrander, discuss the complex story of Japanese Americans’ service with Merrill's Marauders, a special operations unit that conducted missions behind Japanese lines during WWII. Watch a teaser and read more about Honor & Sacrifice.

Craft in America: Service

From the origins of the Army Arts & Crafts Program and the G.I. Bill to contemporary soldiers and veterans, witness the power of handmade objects to inspire, motivate, and heal.

World War II: Stories from the Northwest

Originally airing as a companion series to Ken Burns’ The War (2007), this KCTS 9 production features first-hand accounts from Pacific Northwest veterans and civilians. Hear survivors sharing their personal WWII memories. Watch stories from World War II: Stories from the Northwest on YouTube

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Watch more stories from World War II: Stories from the Northwest on YouTube