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Spying on the Royals

Spying on the Royals is a riveting two-part documentary that tells the secret story behind events that stunned a nation, an empire and the world, 80 years ago. On the frozen weekend of December 5, 1936, a nerve-shredded King Edward VIII sat alone at Buckingham Palace. He secretly phoned his brother, to tell him he could no longer be King if it meant abandoning the woman he loved. His brother was the future King George VI. Edward's lover was Wallis Simpson. Little did they know that others were secretly listening to their calls. Years later, when Edward and Wallis visited an exclusive American resort, they thought they were enjoying an intimate break in complete privacy. In fact their every word was recorded, their room bugged with secret microphones, and their phone tapped - but this time the culprits weren't British. The greatest royal romance of the 20th century can now be seen through a unique new perspective: the secret files of those who spied on Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson and a King-to-be in their own words from the time, and eyewitnesses still living today. Dramatic reconstructions bring these extraordinary events to life as they've never been seen before. Spying on the Royals looks at what may be the most controversial surveillance in British history.

Part 1 Airs Monday, January 7 at 10 p.m.

Part 2 Airs Monday, January 14 at 10 p.m.


No episodes are available for online viewing.