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Should I Stay in Seattle or Should I Go?

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Should I Stay in Seattle or Should I Go?

The dilemma of renting in the city vs. the ‘burbs.

May 26, 2017

The cost of rent in Seattle is one topic that brings everyone together for a collective eye roll. Rental costs in Seattle are rising four times faster than the national average, now hovering around $2,000 per month.

Many are stuck with the same dilemma: You live and work in Seattle and want to enjoy all the fun activities and amenities the city has to offer, but you can’t afford to actually live there.

Feeling like a cheating spouse, you start perusing online apartment listings in nearby cities like Everett, drooling over the glossy, spacious layouts and amenities (included with rent!). Then the “yeah, buts…” set in. Your commute would kill your soul. Your social life would suffer. You are already locked into your local gym membership.

Do you stay in your cramped-but-fun lifestyle? Or go for the quieter social life and long commute (hey, you can listen to your favorite podcast on the bus!). 



Edward Duo

Edward Duo is graduated from Seattle University with a film degree and a theater performance minor. He is from China and currently works as a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Seattle. He moved to the U.S. five years ago. He believes film is the best way to communicate with people from different cultural background.

Fun Fact: The only reason he keeps his Facebook account is to share cute cat and dog pictures.

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