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The Best (And Worst) MOMentos

Spark Public

The Best (And Worst) MOMentos

May 12, 2017

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the Spark Public team thought we’d share some of the great and slightly cringe-worthy crafts we have made for our moms through the years!

If you have any fun crafts be sure to post them to twitter and hashtag #MOMentos.


The Cutesy Collage — Jen Germain, Producer

Jen Collage

What do you remember about making the craft?

I remember not having any money and wanting to give her something special, but not thinking I could afford anything.

Does the craft bring back any special memories for your mom?

It makes her miss having me at home all the time.

Why did she keep the collage all these years? 

Because I made it for her and she thought it was pretty. I used to collage a lot and she always really liked my collages!



The Misshapen Piggy Cutting Board — Paris Nguyen, Contributing Producer

Paris Collage

What do you remember about making the craft?

I remember being so proud of my work and then I took a few steps back, looked at it again… and realized that my pig’s legs were tragically disparate in size.

Why did you choose to make a piggy cutting board for your mom?

I had spent all my potential gift money on a pump-action Super Soaker… so I was forced to get creative!

Does the craft bring back any special memories for your mom?

My mom says that when she looks at the board, she’s reminded that her son is truly unique. How many mothers are lucky enough to have a child who thinks, What should I give mom to show my appreciation for her? That’s it! A hand-carved rendering of a farm animal?



The Memory Turtles — Desirae Hayes-Vitor, Social Media Intern

Why did you choose to make that craft?

Honestly, I was a broke junior-high schooler who needed a gift for her mom and had some old canvases and paints lying around. When life hands you lemons...

Why did your mom keep the canvas?

It reminds her of the times when my sister and I were little and we were living on Oahu. My mom would take the both of us to Lanikai beach on Saturday mornings and get us some hot chocolate. We would all watch the low tide and and look for shells or “magic rocks.”

Where is the painting currently residing?

It’s hanging on a wall by a staircase above a bookshelf so she can see it everyday!


Those Oh-So-Familiar Mom’s Day Coupons — Stacey Jenkins, Managing Producer

Stacey Collage

Why did Genevieve (Stacey's Daughter) choose to make those coupons?

She thought it would be funny to make coupons because that’s what kids did in all the cheesy television shows she watches.

What do you remember about receiving the craft?

I remember getting coupons every year for like five years straight.

Why have you kept the coupons all these years and not cashed them in?

I made a pact back, when I first started getting them, that I would keep them all and cash all of them in at once for Mother’s Day when she turns 16.



The Darling Dachshund — Gabriela Capestany, Contributing Producer

Gabi Collage

Why did you choose to make a Dachshund sculpture?

I was in an after-school art program and, specifically, I chose a dog because I was obsessed with Dachshunds at the time and wanted one so badly. My family did finally get one, but only now that I've gone off to college…

What does your mom remember about receiving the craft?

She remembers how excited I was about making this little statue. There were so many steps to create it. Apparently I talked about it for weeks while the creation was in process.

What is her favorite part of the craft?

Her favorite thing about this piece is that it will last forever!