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The 2016 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) starts May 19 and runs through June 12. Theaters all around Seattle will be presenting films from all over the world. With screenings, parties and celebrity appearances, SIFF is a film lover's paradise. KCTS 9 is your portal for exclusive stories and interviews from the festival.

Surf over to siff.net to check out the full film guide and buy tickets.

The story of Sonia Warshawski, a spunky 89-year-old tailoring shop owner and...
For director Jocelyn Moorhouse, The Dressmaker is about the power of...
Captain Fantastic
Captain Fantastic tells the story of a widowed father (Viggo Mortensen)...
In 'The Night Stalker' director Megan Griffiths tells the fictional story of a...
revolution wont be televised key art
Director Rama Thiaw takes viewers into the daily beat of a revolution in her...
Nadine Angel Cloete, director of Action Comandante, talks about the film and...
Hear from director René Frelle Petersen and Jette Sondergaard about what it was...
What inspired the design of the SIFF award? Hear from artist Piper O'Neill.
In Pixar's new movie, "Inside Out," the characters are the...
Rubaiyat Hossain is a writer and director and one of a handful of female...


SIFF 2016

SIFF runs May 19 to June 12.

Paris Nguyen takes us into the world of the SIFF with movie reviews, previews and tips on getting the most from the festival.

Listen to SIFF

SIFF Cast is the official podcast of SIFF. Listen to interviews with directors and composers featured during the festival.

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