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Rick Steves' Guide to Cuba

Rick Steves' Guide to Cuba

Explore the fun and unexpected delights of traveling through Cuba with Rick Steves in this one-hour special for public television. Recorded at the Edmonds Center for the Arts on April 2, 2016.


The Most Popular Promenade in Havana

Find the Best Cuban Cigars in the World

The Best Cuban Delight from the 1950s

Five Bucks for A Great Bottle of Rum

Cuba’s Coconut on Wheels

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Thu 9/28 12:00am
Rick Steves' Guide to Cuba Episode 0

Suddenly a great travel option, Cuba is a country in transition. Expand your travel horizons with Rick Steves as he shares details about his recent trip to Cuba, exploring the time-passed elegance of Havana, and the idealistic charms of this...