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We’ve Seen the Future of Meat, and It’s Plants

See how the vegan sausage is made at Field Roast’s test kitchen.

August 28, 2018

Move over, Tofurky. Plant-based meats are booming, and companies like Seattle-based Field Roast are redefining an entire food group. But it’s more than a matter of just taste or ethics: Animal-derived proteins carry a larger carbon footprint than their veggie substitutes, so your hamburger choice has real consequences for the environment.

On this episode of ReInventors, we visit Field Roast’s test kitchen to learn how their chefs are creating the future of meat by fusing ancient Chinese recipes with traditional charcuterie, and we taste the results. Join us to see how the vegan sausage is made.


Sarah Hoffman

Sarah Hoffman is a science and environment producer for Crosscut and KCTS 9.

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