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TV Dinner: Delicious Food Pairings for ‘Victoria’ Season 3 on Masterpiece

Four Victorian recipes paired with all-new episodes of Victoria on Masterpiece.

November 27, 2018

Balancing family, marriage, and the English empire, fans will find the queen pretty busy in Victoria on Masterpiece Season 3. The third season will premiere Sunday, January 13 at 9:00 p.m.

As one of England’s longest reigning monarchs, Victoria’s life was not only politically influential, she inspired traditions that have endured long after her death — fashion trends and delicious Victorian-era recipes, to name a few.

Don’t just watch the Masterpiece series, indulge in the Victorian dynasty and celebrate her reign. Here are four recipes from the influential era to try while you watch Victoria this season.

Queen Pudding

Take a page from the queen’s chief cook Charles Elmé Francatelli’s cookbook, The Modern Cook. This historic cookbook boasts an English pudding recipe fit for Queen Victoria. (You may recall that Francatelli is a character on Victoria, played by Ferdinand Kingsley.)

Try this Francatelli’s Queen Pudding recipe.

Biscuit Pudding à la Prince Albert

According to a previous KCTS 9 piece, the queen was a fan of pudding. So, it is only fitting to have two recipes to represent the royal couple.

Don’t forget Albert ... Try this biscuit pudding.

Regula Ysewijn’s beautiful Dutch Renaissance-esque photograph of the Royal Puddings: Queen Pudding and Biscuit Pudding à la Prince Albert (left to right).


While Francatelli may be perplexed by some of the ingredients in this Pacific Northwest Kedgeree, he would approve of the Victorian dish.

Kedgeree with a Pacific Northwest twist? Get the recipe

Victoria Sponge Cake

Any fan of The Great British Baking Show is familiar with this British staple. A new season of Victoria, about the woman who inspired the cake, may be the perfect excuse to try the recipe at home.

Try this classic British dessert recipe, with a flavorful cardamom twist. 


Caroline Gerdes

Caroline Gerdes is the social media specialist at Cascade Public Media and a New Orleanian living in Seattle. She was also a National Geographic Young Explorer — which is totally a real job title. She recently published her first book, An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward

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