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Prime Suspect: Tennison On Masterpiece

Behind every great detective is a backstory. MASTERPIECE dials back the clock to spotlight the influences that turned 22-year-old rookie policewoman Jane Tennison into the savvy, single-minded crime fighter beloved by Prime Suspect viewers.


June 21, 2017
New three-part series premieres Sunday, June 25, at 10:00 p.m. on KCTS 9.


Season 2017
Episode 3
Jane is faced with several harsh realities in both her professional and personal life....
Season 2017
Episode 2
Tennison and Bradfield continue their work on the murder case of a young girl, but a...
Season 2017
Episode 1
Jane Tennison soon starts to learn the cold facts of police work. She turns the head of...


Starring Stefanie Martini in the iconic role immortalized by Helen Mirren.