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Prescription for Abuse (2012)

Personal Stories

Stories from those who have been affected by prescription drug abuse.

December 22, 2011

Sean Riley

Sean Riley is a former police officer who became addicted to prescription drugs. He lost his job after he was arrested on drug charges. Following drug rehabilitation therapy, Sean founded Safe Call Now, a crisis line for public safety workers like police, firefighters and corrections officers struggling with substance abuse. The Washington-based program is now helping public safety workers nationwide.

Rayne Pearson

Rayne Pearson became addicted to prescription opioids after her doctor prescribed Vicodin for her following the birth of her first child. Now in recovery, and a successful practicing attorney, Rayne tells how stereotypes of the “back-alley drug addict” are just plain wrong, and harmful to those who need help.

Deborah Long

Deborah Long started using prescription opioids after an on-the-job injury, and ended up drug seeking at local emergency rooms. Deborah says getting drugs from ERs and doctors was all too easy. She is now in recovery and a student at Olympic College earning a degree in Human Services.

Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks describes how his addiction to prescription opioids turned into a heroin addiction after drugs like OxyContin became too expensive. Matt says too many people don’t understand that prescription opioids and heroin have the exact same effect on the brain. Matt is now in recovery and is a student and musician.

Rose Dennis

Rose Dennis shares how her son became addicted to opioids at the age of 13 after he was diagnosed with leukemia and required and opiate drip for treatment. She is now on the Board of SAMA, the Science and Management of Addictions, and wants doctors to understand the powerful nature of prescription opioids on adolescents.

Maria Downing

Maria Downing lost her son to an overdose after his life-long struggle with opioids and other drugs. Maria says her son always thought he had control of his addiction, but was never able to stop using. She is now on the Family Action Council of SAMA, working to educate youth about addiction.