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Poldark Season 3 On Masterpiece

Drama, Adventure and Romance Return to Masterpiece With ‘Poldark’ Season 3

Hold on to your bonnets, period drama fans! Ross Poldark gallops back into our lives on Sunday, Oct. 1, when Poldark Season 3 premieres on Masterpiece.

September 19, 2017

Are you ready for swashbuckling action, jaw-dropping plot twists and white-hot romance? Poldark returns to KCTS 9 this fall with eight new episodes of action-packed historical drama. The series stars Aidan Turner as the noble, yet romantically conflicted, Captain Ross Poldark — a man who fights for his copper mines, his family and his tenants, yet can’t seem to get his priorities straight in the romance department. Pulling the short straw is his fiery wife Demelza, portrayed by Eleanor Tomlinson. Their wavering relationship left viewers craving a reconciliation after Season 2’s dramatic finale. Will they finally put the pain of the past behind them in Season 3?

The storyline and characters of Season 3 of Poldark are based on Winston Graham’s two novels The Black Moon and The Four Swans, published in 1973 and 1976. (Book covers courtesy of Thomas Dunne Books for St. Martin's Griffin © 2016.)

Poldark is a Cornish family saga spanning 1783–1820 and multiple generations. Based on the historical fiction series by British novelist Winston Graham (1908–2003), the books were first adapted for the screen by the BBC from 1975–1977 in a television series starring Robin Ellis in the title role. In 2015, screenwriter Debbie Horsfield rebooted the series for the BBC, choosing to adapt two of the 12 novels in the series for each season. Season 3 covers books five and six: The Black Moon and The Four Swans, a three-year span (1794–1797) that sees the continuation of the Poldark vs. Warleggan feud with themes of deception, greed and revenge. Renowned for his historical accuracy, Graham weaves in the events of the time and explores the political and social challenges facing Cornwall during the Georgian era. 

In addition to the master and mistress of Nampara — the Poldark estate — many other favorite characters will return in Season 3. Ross’s scheming nemesis, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing), and his beguiling wife Elizabeth (Heida Reid) welcome their first child — a son and heir, born prematurely under the ominous shadow of a black moon. The question of his paternity is a dark secret that Elizabeth harbors, a secret that ignites a chain of tragic events for the Poldarks and the Warleggans. Also returning this season are Caroline Blakiston as Ross’s elderly, soothsaying Aunt Agatha, who lives to torment George; Beatie Edney as Prudie, Ross and Demelza’s quick-tempered servant; Luke Norris as the steadfast Dr. Dwight Enys; and Gabriella Wilde as the beautiful heiress Caroline Penvenen.

Drake Carne (Harry Richardson) and Morwenna Chynoweth (Ellise Chappell) grapple with forbidden love in Season 3 of Poldark. (Image courtesy of Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece ©2017.)

New characters this season heat up the drama and romance. Elizabeth’s pretty cousin Morwenna Chynoweth (Ellise Chappell) is hired as the governess to Geoffrey Charles, Elizabeth’s young son from her first marriage to Francis Poldark, Ross’s cousin. Morwenna soon becomes a pawn in one of George Warleggan’s schemes to win political power by aligning her in marriage to the recently widowed Reverend Whitworth (Christian Brassington), a member of an influential family. Morwenna prefers the company of Demelza’s brother Drake (Harry Richardson), an amiable and handsome lay minister. When Ross is compelled to rescue his friend Dr. Enys from a French jail, who better than Cornish pirate Bartholomew “Tholly” Tregirls (Sean Gilder) to assist him with the job? Also among those rescued from Napoleon’s prison is Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse), a handsome young naval officer. When Armitage returns home, he meets Ross’s beautiful wife Demelza and is immediately smitten. He showers her with attention and romantic poetry, and tempts her to find love beyond the arms of her husband.

Elizabeth and George Warleggan (Heida Reid and Jack Farthing) wear richly appointed attire (designed by Howard Burden), reflecting George’s ambition to be an aristocrat. (Image courtesy of Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece ©2017.)

Along with a fabulous line-up of actors, the production was shot on location in Cornwall and includes sweeping views of the craggy coastline cliffs, stunning sandy beaches and rugged moors. The costumes designed by Howard Burden are spectacular, with ladies’ frocks and hats reflecting an era of silk, lace and feathers, and with gentlemen’s smart breeches, embroidered waistcoats, and cutaway coats in dark tones.

Season 3 of Poldark airs on Sundays from October 1 through November 19 at 9:00 p.m. on KCTS 9.

Here is a brief episode guide, courtesy of PBS. Caution: spoilers ahead!

Episode 1: Oct. 1

George has everything going for him: his beautiful wife Elizabeth, an heir, the Poldark estate, lands to exploit and his own church to dictate to. Meanwhile, Demelza’s brothers, Sam and Drake, take up preaching. After Caroline and Dwight elope, Dwight sails away.

Episode 2: Oct. 8

Ross goes to revolutionary France to search for information about Dwight’s disappearance. George dispenses rough justice in his new role as magistrate. Drake falls in love with Morwenna.

Episode 3: Oct. 15

A failed harvest incites food riots, which George handles harshly. Demelza and Ross get a family addition. Morwenna gets an unwelcome suitor in Reverend Whitworth, an odious clergyman. A clever plan to import grain by Ross foils George.

Episode 4: Oct. 22

With Dwight languishing in a French prison, Ross takes a desperate gamble to rescue him. Drake joins Ross’s mission after Morwenna breaks with him. George jockeys for a triumph in politics.

Episode 5: Oct. 29

Frogs drive George to the breaking point, leading him to set a trap for Drake. A gift from Geoffrey Charles proves deadly. Dwight’s prison experience threatens his relationship with Caroline.

Episode 6: Nov. 5

Whitworth puts Morwenna through the tortures of the damned. Aunt Agatha and George cross swords in their deadliest match yet. Demelza gets an admirer who owes his life to Ross.

Episode 7: Nov. 12

Morwenna gives birth and plunges into despair. George triumphs, but the ground collapses under his relationship with Elizabeth. Ross and Demelza bare their souls.

Episode 8: Nov. 19

Elizabeth turns the tables on George. Whitworth is checkmated. Demelza and Lt. Armitage reveal their true feelings. Ross makes a vow.

See what awaits in the all-new season of Poldark, coming to KCTS 9 on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Poldark has been a huge hit on both sides of the pond and around the world. With many members of the cast returning and intriguing new characters added into the mix, Season 3 promises to be the most captivating yet! 


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