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Enough shouting. Let’s use our inside voices. Each week, POINT TAKEN debates a topic Americans care about. We deliver smart, interesting guests who can disagree without being disagreeable. Come learn something you didn't know, and maybe laugh a little.


Season 1
Episode 11
Recently, the conversation about campus sexual assault has shifted from the previous...
Season 1
Episode 10
Each day, twenty-two people in the US die waiting for an organ. The introduction of a...
Season 1
Episode 9
For many people, it’s terrifying to go a day — heck, a few hours — without their...
Season 1
Episode 8
Poverty and lack of opportunity are two of the main reasons people turn to sex work....
Season 1
Episode 7
How will our country will perceive gender in the future? Watch the full debate beginning...
Season 1
Episode 6
After decades of negotiation and conflict, America is still involved in the Middle East....
Season 1
Episode 5
History can’t be rewritten, but can it be redressed? Even though the United States ended...
Season 1
Episode 4
Do you know how much your coworkers make? And do they know how much you make? It’s pretty...
Season 1
Episode 3
We’ve all heard the advice: If you want more opportunity, go to college. But today, that...
Season 1
Episode 2
The civil war in Syria, now in its fifth year, has caused more than 4.8 million Syrians...
Season 1
Episode 1
The American Dream: Work hard, and you’ll make it. But nowadays, it can feel like hard...
POINT TAKEN debates a topic Americans care about.