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PBS Online Film Festival 2016 Winners Announced

Watch the two winners that 4.5 million viewers helped pick.

August 11, 2016

From July 11–29, viewers voted  across multiple digital platforms for their favorite of 25 short films, amassing more than 4.5 million total views for the fifth annual PBS Online Film Festival

On Aug. 9, two winners were announced.

“PBS would like to congratulate Latino Public Broadcasting and Twin Cities PBS on their wins in this year’s Online Film Festival,” says Ira Rubenstein, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PBS Digital & Marketing. “This year’s festival was seen by our largest audience ever …”

‘People’s Choice’ winner: GoldStar, presented by Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB).

When Iliana dedicates a love song to her teacher during an elementary school talent show, the ensuing homophobic reactions from school officials and her mother taint the experience. Iliana’s disappointment escalates when she overhears her mother Terry accusing her queer best friend Chela of influencing Iliana’s actions. Despite the disastrous evening, Iliana finds solace and faith with friends.

In a recent PBS Interview, writer/director/producer Karla Legaspy shared some of her thoughts on the message of the film:

“At the end of the day, all our youth really want from us adults is that we love them and provide them with safe spaces ... This film is intended to spark a conversation ... I hope this film starts many conversations and that young folks feel supported and loved.”

Read the full interview here.

‘Most Viewed’ winner: Artist Day Jobs: Emily Lynch Victory presented by Twin Cities Public Television.

An obsession with numbers and patterns leads Emily Lynch Victory into the classroom — as well as towards her paintbrush. She strives to crack the code of complex math through her uniquely beautiful paintings.

“I’ve always thought of art and math requiring two very different mental processes,” says Director Maria Bartholdi. “But Emily managed to change my mind. It was really inspiring to watch her work through complex math problems with her art. After seeing a few of her works based on difficult mathematical theorems, those theorems became (at least for me) comprehensible when they previously hadn’t been. As Emily says, ‘You can learn a different way.’”

Read the full interview here

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All 25 films from the festival are available for screening through the end of the year via PBS and station digital platforms and social channels. The films are also available via the PBS app on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and FireTV devices. More information about the PBS Online Film Festival can be found at