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Pathways to Excellence

Lincoln Center at Lincoln High School, Tacoma

June 22, 2012

What makes for good teaching? What makes an exceptional school? Hear from the students at Lincoln Center about what drives them, and motivates them to excel and how they continue to challenge themselves.

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Teacher Effectiveness

At the core of Lincoln Center’s efforts are its teachers. These teachers commit to additional teaching time and committee work to help this program succeed. Listen to the impact of these teachers on the lives of their students.

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Transformative Learning

Lincoln Center’s motto is “Intelligence Plus Character.” Follow the personal transformations of students as they come into their own as learners.

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Confronting Poverty

Lincoln Center teacher Nathan Bowling reflects on the challenges that face his students and how the Lincoln Center is designed specifically for them.

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The Lincoln Center Family

Lincoln Center is more than a sequence of classes. Hear how a sense of community shared by students and teachers helps spur success.

Overcoming Challenges

No one said that Lincoln Center was easy. One student shares her experience of overcoming challenges to excel in her studies at Lincoln Center.

Life Beyond Lincoln

While the district’s graduation rate is 69%, Lincoln Center graduated 92% of its first senior class. Listen to a student take on low expectations and prove them wrong.

Extended Learning Time

Lincoln Center teachers and students put in extra time each afternoon and on select weekends. Hear how opinions about this extra commitment change over time.

Managing Stress

To participate in Lincoln Center, the students and their families must commit to a rigorous schedule that seeks to challenge and motivate students.