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Pathways to Excellence

Lacey Elementary School, 2016

A culture of togetherness has helped the teachers and students of Lacey Elementary face any obstacle.

November 10, 2016

“‘We are all in this together’ is our philosophy. The kids in my class aren’t just my kids, they’re everyone’s kids,” says Jenniffer Trinidad, a second-grade teacher at Lacey Elementary School.

Though it is among the highest poverty schools in its district, Lacey also has record high achievement. Central to its success is a shared sense of commitment to each and every child. Teachers work collaboratively to advance all students, not just those they see in their own classrooms. For example, fourth-grade teacher Neal Wildrick shares his love of music by playing trombone with his students in music class. This culture of academic support and intervention creates a welcoming and safe environment for students and makes the teachers believe they can take on any challenge to deliver high-quality instruction. 

“We’re going to make it happen with what we can do here at this school,” says Principal Gary Culbertson.



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I really enjoyed learning about this school and its philosophy.  However, I didn't notice any handicapped/disabled children in the segment.  Are these kids in a separate learning environment?  How are the classrooms divided?