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Almost Canada
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Idaho's landscape challenges us to explore and invites us to imagine. Her natural wonders...
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Motorized recreation is a huge pastime in Idaho, with more than 100,000 registered off-...

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We explore some of Idaho's out of the way places at the end of the road: Paradise in the...
Outdoor Idaho  ·  Episode 3407

Almost Canada


The lush landscapes of the north set it apart from the rest of the state. It's an unspoiled part of Idaho truly worth visiting. The northern corner of the state's panhandle is remote and wild country that has a lot in common with neighboring Canada. Here you'll find dense forests, broad valleys and secluded mountain ranges. It's a place filled with streams and rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Much of the water you find here comes from Canada. The Priest River and the Moyie River both flow into Idaho from north of the border. And the biggest river in the area, the Kootenai, not only gets its start in Canada it also returns to Canada after passing through Montana and Idaho. We explore Idaho's far north with local outfitters, historians, wildlife managers and the Kootenai tribe. It's a journey that reveals the amazing qualities of a part of the state not many Idahoans have visited. It's a remarkable landscape we call "Almost Canada."

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