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Our Vanishing Wilderness

40 years ago, a small crew of filmmakers set out to document some of the more pressing issues involving wildlife in America. The eight half-hour films, shot around the country, ended up becoming the first environmental TV series in the US.


Season 1
Episode 8
The proposed Alaskan oil pipeline and its probable effects on the teeming life of the...
Season 1
Episode 7
The title refers to Blue Lake near Taos, New Mexico, where Taos Indians recently won a...
Season 1
Episode 6
Is the public outcry against environmental abuses bringing any results? The final program...
Season 1
Episode 5
This program examines the controversial off-shore oil leak near Santa Barbara and...
Season 1
Episode 4
A visit to the Florida Everglades reveals how that famed wildlife region is now...
Season 1
Episode 3
This episode is an exploration of Anaho Island in Pyramid Lake, Nevada, where man's...
Season 1
Episode 2
Focus is on the ranchers of the Great Plains who continue their systematic destruction of...
Season 1
Episode 1
The first program in this series illustrates the tragic effects that can result when...


Watch the landmark documentary series to first examine environmental issues in the U.S.