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Oregon Field Guide

Oregon Field Guide is a valuable source of information about outdoor recreation, ecological issues, natural resources and travel destinations in Oregon and the Pacific NW.


Season 30
Episode 10
Most folks run Oregon's Rogue River in a rubber raft. We catch up with two guys who take...
Season 30
Episode 9
Go tide-pooling along the Oregon Coast with the former head of NOAA, OSU professor Jane...
Season 30
Episode 8
There’s plastic in the ocean, in our rivers and even in the food we eat. How did the...
Season 30
Episode 7
A water trail on the Columbia River makes for a special multi-day paddle trip. They’re...
Season 30
Episode 6
Wildlife of the northwest who depend on fire to survive, stories behind abandoned Oregon’...
Season 30
Episode 5
Burrowing owls establish a home in one very unlikely place, tide pools’ treasures of...
Season 30
Episode 4
Astoria is the home of the Seamanship, whales and the unnatural sounds of the sea,...
Season 30
Episode 3
Scientists are finding that certain songbirds are thriving in Oregon's old growth forests...
Season 30
Episode 2
Visit Siletz Bay for Bill Lackner's annual free clamming and crabbing clinics. Then learn...
Season 30
Episode 1
Three beginning skiers take on a 22-mile trek through the Three-Sisters backcountry using...


After 28 seasons, Steve Amen is retiring from Oregon Field Guide. In this half-hour...
Oregon Field Guide spent a year-and-a-half probing into the state of Oregon’s...


Oregon Field Guide explores ecological issues, natural wonders and outdoor recreation.