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Oregon Field Guide

This series explores some of the Northwest's outstanding outdoor wonders, fun activities and riveting occupations.


No episodes are available for online viewing.

Upcoming Episodes

Sun 1/6, 12:00pm
Oregon Bee Atlas/Steamboats/Three Sisters Huts

Oregon Bee Atlas :After a series of highly publicized bee die-offs, Oregon set out to protect its pollinators. But first, we need to know what bee species even call the state home, something that no one has ever surveyed - until now. Steamboats :...

Sun 1/13, 12:00pm
Willamette Falls Sea Lions/Crab & Clam Clinic

Willamette Falls Sea Lions Wildlife managers are trucking sea lions from Willamette Falls to the Oregon coast to stop them from eating endangered steelhead as they swim up the river. Crab & Clam Clinic : Bill Lackner has been holding free...