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This Old House, with pros Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.


Season 40
Episode 26
After months of hard work, the lackluster mid-century box is a modern marvel once again....
Season 40
Episode 25
Finishing touches abound as the project wraps up: closet systems, modern baseboards and a...
Season 40
Episode 24
Mark Ferrante lays giant porcelain tile in the main living spaces of the house. Kevin and...
Season 40
Episode 23
Kevin travels to the Midwest to see the manufacturing of plate glass and windows. Back in...
Season 40
Episode 22
Mark McCullough rebuilds a century old Puddingstone wall. Tommy and Kevin revisit the...
Season 40
Episode 21
Tommy shows Kevin the careful process of installing rafters for a cantilevered roof....
Season 40
Episode 20
Tommy teaches Kevin how to calculate the riser height for a set of stairs. The foundation...
Season 40
Episode 19
Jenn and the homeowners select pavers for hardscape. Tommy and Norm install a skylight in...
Season 40
Episode 18
Kevin meets electrician Heath Eastman to learn about in-counter outlets. Tommy visits...
Season 40
Episode 17
The foundation of the house has no footings, so Mark McCullough pours a buttress. Kevin...
Season 40
Episode 16
Norm teaches the apprentices how to lay a sill on the new foundation, while Richard...
Season 40
Episode 15
While old fixtures are salvaged and asbestos is removed at the house, Norm, Richard and...
Season 40
Episode 14
Tommy and Kevin cruise around Brookline, MA in a ’57 Chevy before rolling up to the...
Season 40
Episode 13
The Net Zero house is complete. Kevin and Tom discuss challenges with Jeff. Don gives...
Season 40
Episode 12
Kevin learns about induction cooking. Richard watches as the solar panels go on the barn...
Season 40
Episode 11
Roger visits a nearby sod farm with Jenn and Kevin. Richard inspects the HVAC...
Season 40
Episode 10
Tom discusses the differences between hanging blue board and hanging drywall. Richard...
Season 40
Episode 9
Dana and Don show Kevin interior design choices at their architecture studio. Richard...
Season 40
Episode 8
Richard watches as the home is sealed against air leaks. Jeff reviews his pre-drywall...
Season 40
Episode 7
The electrician installs a load center at the Idea House. Tom teaches the apprentices the...
Season 40
Episode 6
Roof insulation is next step at the net zero house. Richard tours the basement of The...
Season 40
Episode 5
Insulation is crucial to a net zero house. Kevin finds Jeff and the apprentices starting...
Season 40
Episode 4
New apprentices join the team in Rhode Island as the roof goes up. The homeowners visit a...
Season 40
Episode 3
Jeff shows Kevin how he’s framing the net zero house. Richard demonstrates heat loss and...
Season 40
Episode 2
Shingles with asbestos are removed. Kevin visits a manufacturer in Pennsylvania that...
Season 40
Episode 1
Tom and Kevin cross the bridge from Newport, RI to Jamestown where they tour the next...



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