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Hosted by veteran journalist David Brancaccio, NOW on PBS goes beyond the noisy churn of the news cycle to probe the most important issues facing democracy and give viewers the context to explore their relationship with the larger world.


Season 6
Episode 18
NOW on PBS goes off the air with a look back at our most memorable moments. In the...
Season 6
Episode 17
NOW on PBS has been covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for as long as we've been...
Season 6
Episode 16
NOW looks back on eight years of in-depth investigative reporting to examine what's been...
Season 6
Episode 15
How to revitalize America's towns? Braddock, Pennsylvania's Mayor John Fetterman --...
Season 6
Episode 14
With its innovative plan to keep released inmates from coming back, the Sheridan...
Season 6
Episode 13
NOW talks with filmmaker Josh Fox about "Gasland", his Sundance award-winning documentary...
Season 6
Episode 9
Last year the Obama Administration removed federal protection for some wolves in...
Season 6
Episode 8
From the raucous tea party rallies to the painful sacrifices families are making behind...
Season 6
Episode 7
NOW talks with filmmaker Eric Metzgar about "Reporter," his documentary about the...
Season 6
Episode 6
Now that the Democratic Party has the legislative upper hand, are they willing to...
Season 6
Episode 5
Haiti's catastrophic earthquake exacerbated a common and lethal emergency in Haiti: Dying...
Season 6
Episode 3
NOW talks to professor Bob McChesney and journalist John Nichols about the perils of a...
Season 6
Episode 2
NOW reports from Pakistan's dangerous and pivotal border with Afghanistan, where Pentagon...
Season 6
Episode 1
There are places in the world where the success of a soap opera is measured not just in...


NOW looks at a growing body of evidence that suggests climate change is affecting the...


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