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Nick on the Rocks

Mount Stuart — From Mexico?

January 19, 2017

The Stuart Range near Leavenworth is one of the most beautiful mountains in all of the American West — and yet its granite contains clues that continue to puzzle geologists.  Did the granite really form in Mexico and move a thousand miles north to central Washington? 


Nick Zentner

Nick Zentner is the science outreach and education coordinator for the Department of Geological Sciences at Central Washington University.  He has produced more than 40 short videos about Central Washington geology. Since 2008, Zentner’s colloquial, humorous lectures have made him a popular speaker at educational and civic organizations throughout the Northwest. In 2015, Nick received the prestigious James Shea Award, a National Association of Geoscience Teachers award recognizing exceptional delivery of Earth Science content to the general public.  

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KCTS9 has a gold mine in  this series that  presents real geological science in a way that transforms it into a mystery novel you can't put down. Translating science into terms the layman will not only find accessible but fun is a rare gift. Isaac Asimov had it. Carl Sagan had it. Michio Kaku has it. And Nick Zenter clearly has it. I hope this series is a KCTS9 staple for many years to come.

Thank you for leaving such kind comments.  Nice to hear that you're enjoying what we've done so far...

I have heard Nick Zentner speak on several occasions and he always brings energy and fascinating information to those in his audience about geology in our own back yard.  I am glad to see his Nick on the Rocks videos on your station and perhaps a longer program could evolve at some point in the future.  Thank you.Bruce Willis

Thanks Bruce.  It's just me and cinematographer/editor Chris Smart at the moment.  5 minute shows are about all we can handle at this point.  Your encouragement is much appreciated.

I've often heard Nick comment that central Washington state is "a geologist's Disneyland" and he's right: so very many types of geology are just a day trip away.  These lecture are great in helping the lay person to understand what we look at everyday as we travel through this "Disneyland".  Thanks so much for these programs.

Thanks John.  Unlike Disneyland, Washington geology is free for all!

I just wandered onto this web page looking up info for the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival & The Ice Age Flood Institute tours. I've seen Nick on KCTS many times and enjoy his commentary & knowledge. In part he insipred me to join the Erractics in Wenatchee. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Felix.  Central Washington has much to offer.  Sounds like you're in the middle of it all.

Thank you for setting the stage and leaving us with the question yet to be answered.  Mt. Stuart is one of my favorite mountains.  Love the rocks!  Thank you, Nick!

Thanks Carrie.  We wouldn't have the answers for Mt Stuart even if we had an hour program.  But of course, the research continues.

Love these videos.  Please consider 1 hour shows on some of these topics. Years ago PBS aired series called, "Making of a Continent" (NOVA maybe???)...maybe you could mimicthat series with the latest information from.  Wonderful, keep it up!

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