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Try telling this lot they’re too old for the job.

The unsolved crimes team has some fresh new faces in Season 11, with feisty Sasha Miller and unorthodox Dan Griffin now established as permanent squad members. Previously a member of the Kidnap Unit, new boss DCI Miller is firm but fair; her warm, inclusive style brings a new dynamic to the group. The second new addition, Dan, has now earned his colleagues’ trust with his fierce intelligence and unassuming manner. This series sees the team tackle ten individual cases, while a variety of personal stories weave throughout each episode. Sasha tries to reconcile her relationship with her ex-husband; Dan learns to deal with empty nest syndrome when his daughter leaves for university; and old hands Steve and Gerry both have personal struggles of their own to overcome. Sharp, warm and exciting, New Tricks continues to delight its vast audience of loyal fans with the light touch that sets it apart from other crime series.


No episodes are available for online viewing.