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Nazi Mega Weapons

Nazi Mega Weapons and WWII Mega Weapons uncover the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever, exploring the engineering secrets of iconic megastructures, and telling the stories of the engineers who designed them.


Season 3
Episode 4
The Nazi’s grasp on a small corner of Britain, the Channel Islands, becomes an obsession...
Season 3
Episode 3
This is the story of Hitler’s mountain power house – home to a Nazi elite, it became a...
Season 3
Episode 2
This is the story of the world’s first true submarine; speed, the ability to stay...
Season 3
Episode 1
In the first years of World War Two, Hitler’s Germany crushes its enemies in a series of...


In 1934 the Japanese begin designing The Yamato, the most powerful battleship in history...
The tide of war in the Pacific has now fully turned against the Imperial Japanese forces...
Uncover the engineering secrets that sparked a revolution that changed warfare forever.