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Native America

Lily Gladstone’s Story

November 13, 2018

Success as an actor can be elusive, even for the most talented performers.  For Lily Gladstone, a Native American girl raised on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana, success seemed like a distant dream.  Clearly talented and blessed with a supportive family, Lily’s passion and skill helped her overcome most obstacles she faced.

While in college at the University of Montana, Lily faced one of the biggest challenges of her life – one that nearly derailed her career before it even had a chance to start.  One of the school’s requirements for acting students is to prepare an audition for every show mounted by the university. When the school selected ‘Peter Pan’, a show with blatantly racist depictions of Native Americans, as their next play, Lily faced a major decision. Audition for the role of Tiger Lily and go against her values, or refuse and jeopardize her studies and her future as an actor…

This is a story about an actor’s “truth,” a supportive community and joy of discovering one’s own voice.