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The Great Seattle-Tacoma Blow-up
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Season 2019
Episode 7
In 1917 Seattle hosted a plucky hockey team, the Metropolitans, that brought big-time...
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Season 2019
Episode 5
Long before transgender rights were headline news, a man by the name of Harry Allen was...
Mossback’s Northwest

The Great Seattle-Tacoma Blow-up

Season: 2019
Eps: 6

Since the mid-19th century, Seattle and Tacoma have been business rivals. A focus of their fight: what to call Mt. Rainier. Tacomans wanted it renamed Tacoma or Tahoma, said to be the native names for the volcano, but the mountain’s “discoverer” named it for a friend in the Royal Navy. Rainier survives, but discussion has been rekindled after Alaska’s Mt. McKinley was renamed “Denali.”

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