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How Seattleites Navigated Downtown Before GPS
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Season 2019
Episode 1
It was a trying time for Seattleites in the summer of 1895. The city was still reeling...
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Season 2018
Episode 18
In this episode of Mossback’s Northwest, Knute Berger serves up five courses that were...
Mossback’s Northwest

How Seattleites Navigated Downtown Before GPS

Season: 2018
Eps: 19

At some point or another, every Seattleite hears this phrase: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest. But what the heck does that mean? Well, it’s a mnemonic device, the kind of thing someone makes up to remember something. In this case, it’s the sequence of east-west streets that make up the city’s downtown core, from Pioneer Square to Belltown.

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