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When Palm Trees Thrived in the Pacific Northwest
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Season 2018
Episode 13
Knute Berger takes a trip down memory lane to the mother of all music festivals in the...
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Season 2018
Episode 11
Amid recent news of an orca mother carrying her dead calf and the reaction it garnered...
Mossback’s Northwest

When Palm Trees Thrived in the Pacific Northwest

Season: 2018
Eps: 12

A 12,000-year-old pine cone, a fossilized ginkgo leaf — Knute Berger dives into the Burke Museum’s paleobotany collection to find out what Washington use to look like and to contemplate which of the state’s former, and considerably warmer, climates would be the most suitable dwelling for a modern-day Mossback. These specimens might help scientists understand, and prepare for, climate change.

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