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Seattle’s Complicated History With Orcas
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Season 2018
Episode 12
A 12,000-year-old pine cone, a fossilized ginkgo leaf — Knute Berger dives into the Burke...
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Season 2018
Episode 10
In this episode, Knute Berger defines what it means to be a Mossback — and how you can...
Mossback’s Northwest

Seattle’s Complicated History With Orcas

Season: 2018
Eps: 11

Amid recent news of an orca mother carrying her dead calf and the reaction it garnered from humans around the world, Knute Berger reflects on our local connection with orcas. Namu, the first live, captive orca was displayed on the Seattle waterfront in 1965. Knute Berger charts the rise and fall of the whale that would come to define our relationship with orcas.

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