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Mossback's Northwest

In each episode of “Mossback’s Northwest,” Knute Berger will mine a particular Seattle historical or cultural nugget, and you’ll learn the hidden backstory behind it and find out why it’s still relevant today.


Season 2018
Episode 10
In this episode, Knute Berger defines what it means to be a Mossback — and how you can...
Season 2018
Episode 9
Seattle prides itself as a launchpad to the Space Age — but should Kent, Wash. really get...
Season 2018
Episode 8
Puget Sound hasn't always been known as Puget Sound -- and it may even have a different...
Season 2018
Episode 7
Have you ever wondered why the Space Needle looks the way it does? Who better to answer...
Season 2018
Episode 6
Knute Berger explores the dark history of the Silver Shirts, a fascist splinter group...
Season 2018
Episode 5
The Cosmic Crisp will reshape the apple market. It has been designed to be consumer, as...
Season 2018
Episode 4
If you think traffic is bad now, just imagine Seattle at the turn of the century:...
Season 2018
Episode 3
Knute takes us back to Puget Sound at the turn of the century to find out: Is the battle...
Season 2018
Episode 2
From ancient legends to far-fetched theories to elaborate hoaxes, Bigfoot, AKA Sasquatch...
Season 2018
Episode 1
Seattle recently elected its second female mayor, Jenny Durkan. In this episode, “Bertha’...


Knute Berger mines a particular Seattle historical or cultural nugget.