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Masterpiece: Indian Summers

Set in a subtropical paradise during the twilight era of the British Empire, Indian Summers explores the collision of the ruling class English with their Indian subjects, and the intricate game of power, politics and passion that ensues.


Season 2
Episode 10
Aafrin tries to stop Alice and Charlie from leaving for England. A fateful roadblock...
Season 2
Episode 9
With treason charges pending, Aafrin faces a dire fate. Alice’s prospects are no less...
Season 2
Episode 8
Alice and Aafrin hatch an ambitious plan with Cynthia’s help. Sooni chooses a husband....
Season 2
Episode 7
Three rivals vie for Sooni. The Maharajah tests Ralph and Madeline. Sarah starts a new...
Season 2
Episode 6
Naresh executes a diabolical plan. Aafrin tries desperately to stop it. Ralph finally...
Season 2
Episode 5
Lord Hawthorne wants Adam arrested for setting him afire. Alice and Aafrin’s affair...
Season 2
Episode 4
Sooni confronts Aafrin and receives a shock. Madeline tries to line up a key ally for...
Season 2
Episode 3
Sooni and Ian compare notes to solve the mystery of Kaira’s murder. Aafrin intrudes on a...
Season 2
Episode 2
Aafrin saves his friend’s life, but gets a gruesome payback. Ralph’s ambition faces a...
Season 2
Episode 1
Three years have passed since last season. Aafrin is secretly fighting for Indian...


Indian Summers explores the collision of the British Raj with their Indian subjects.