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Masterpiece: Grantchester

Grantchester returns for Season 4 – and there’s a new vicar in town! Tom Brittney joins the cast as Reverend Will Davenport, man of the people and crime-solving partner to Geordie Keating. James Norton, who plays the charismatic, jazz-loving clergyman Sidney Chambers, makes his final appearance during the series. Confident, caring and self-assured, Grantchester’s new young parish priest channels his boundless energy into a quest for social justice. He is a man of God, but with the devil inside of him. As Geordie draws him into righting the wrongs of criminal Cambridgeshire, Will’s own troubled past is unearthed.

Grantchester airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. 


Season 4
Episode 5
Will struggles with a life-changing decision. A young man’s death proves something to...
Season 4
Episode 4
Geordie is surprised to discover where Will really grew up: a house filled with secrets...
Season 4
Episode 3
Will is the only one able to reach a farming family’s child, who is accused of murder.
Season 4
Episode 2
Geordie and Leonard investigate a professor’s death. Cathy is tricked. Will returns to...
Season 4
Episode 1
A murder sees racial tensions spike. Geordie investigates a slum connected to a deadly...


Season 3
Episode 6
Sidney seeks oblivion. His friend Sam seeks forgiveness. A dead girl’s parents seek...
James Norton stars as a handsome vicar with a penchant for crime solving.