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Masterpiece: Endeavour

Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend, Silk), charms audiences with his portrayal of the cerebral and solitary Detective Constable Morse in Endeavour, written by Inspector Lewis creator and Inspector Morse writer Russell Lewis.

Endeavour Season 6, episode 3, airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m.


Season 6
Episode 4
The collapse of a tower block reveals a clue that may uncover the truth behind the crime...
Season 6
Episode 3
Endeavour is faced with a triple murder that exposes the secrets of a village in the grip...
Season 6
Episode 2
A car accident proves to be a murder, leading Endeavour to investigate suspects in the...
Season 6
Episode 1
Endeavour returns to Oxford to investigate a murder of a schoolgirl. When he refuses to...


Shaun Evans charms audiences with his portrayal of the cerebral Detective Constable Morse.