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The Quotable Downton Abbey: Memorable Lines from Upstairs

We all know that in addition to being a Countess, Violet Crawley is the QUEEN of great quotes—but the writers of Downton Abbey don’t stop there! The rest of the characters are in command of some great language that complements those patented Dowager zingers.

In celebration of the season 5 premiere on this side of the pond, we thought we’d celebrate with some of our favourite quotes from both upstairs and downstairs. In this post, revisit some of those memorable quotes from the upstairs cast from seasons 1-4. Be sure to stay tuned for out next post filled with quotes from the downstairs cast. 
Try your luck at identifying the characters who said these great lines! Just read the quote, and then scroll down beneath each photo to find the answer. 
“… nobody learns anything from a governess, apart from French and how to curtsey.” 
Answer: Sybil 
"Are you like everyone else in thinking that because she’s a countess she has acquired universal knowledge by divine intervention?” 
Answer: Isobel Crawley
“I wonder your halo doesn’t grow rather heavy; it must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.”
Answer: Violet Crawley
“Well, he’s not bad looking. And he’s still alive."
Answer: Mary Crawley 
“You will have her next to you at dinner. And you WILL like it.”
Answer: Cora
“I’d say that was game, set, and match to Lady Grantham.”
Answer: Dr. Clarkson
 “I don’t want to be an outcast. Maybe Sybil could have pulled it off, but I can’t.”
Answer: Edith 
"Carson, we all have chapters we would prefer to keep unpublished."
Answer: Robert Crawley
How’d you do, Downton fans? Did you get them all right? We love all Downton quotes! Make sure you share yours with us in the comments, and tune in Sundays at 9pm to KCTS 9 for new episodes of Downtown Abbey, season 5. 


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Always waiting "in my patch" for the next quip, barb, or quirky line. The ongoing verbal matching of wit and sarcasm between Violet Crawley and Isobel Crawley keep me glued to the telly, even during the rebroadcasts!

One of my favorite quotable quotes was just this past week from Carson: "I would rather be convinced than defeated, and I am not yet convinced." I am going to use that in all my politically tinged arguments.

Some of my favorites from past years:

"War has a way of distinguishing between the things that matter and the things that don't."-Matthew to Thomas, Season 2, Episode 1

It is hard to pick just one Anna quote, so I have picked two, both addressed to Lady Mary:

"Do you want me to answer truthfully, or like a lady's maid?"-From Season 4
"What I see is a good man, milady, and they don't come along on buses."-Season 3, Ep. 1

Finally, from Bates in happier times:

"Who would have thought that an amateur concert would be the summit of all joy?"

From lady Grantham to Lady Mary.... A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears. Well said Granny!