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Downton Abbey Cast and Crew Cut Loose in Social Media

It is no secret to Downton Abbey fans that in Season 5, widower Tom Branson and his daughter Sybbie moved away to America. All will be delighted to know that the popular Branson is sure to return for at least part of Season 6, as revealed in behind-the-scenes, social media updates from the cast and crew.

Some of the social media updates include banter between castmates as seen here, from actors Allen Leech (Branson) on Twitter and Kevin Doyle (Joseph Molesley) on Instagram. Above: a photo of Leech in the foreground with Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Patmore), Paul Copley (Mr. Mason), and Sophie McShera (Daisy Mason) in the background, taken by Doyle. The photo Leech was taking is of Doyle, of course:



As Season 6 filming has been wrapping up in recent weeks, the cast have cut loose on social media. Doyle (Molesley) is a new member joining the merriment on Instagram; his account is just a couple weeks old, but already a lot of fun. Here are a couple of his choice updates, followed by a handful more from the many others online. Be sure to click or tap through for more. As of this writing, Joanne Froggatt reports having four more days to shoot (photo of this below, as well!) so there will be more still to come.



Last day of filming at Highclere-perhaps raiding the wine cellar wasn't the wisest choice

A photo posted by Kevin Doyle (@kdoyle999) on



Oh how we laughed!

A photo posted by Kevin Doyle (@kdoyle999) on


Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) is called "Dockers" by many, and on Instagram she goes by @theladydockers. A few photos from Dockers:



A photo posted by Michelle Dockery (@theladydockers) on



Last cast and crew photo #finalcountdown #lastdaysofdownton #downton

A photo posted by Michelle Dockery (@theladydockers) on



Gate's Closing. LA bound. ✈️ Photo credit @gracewcurtis #LastDaysOfDownton

A photo posted by Michelle Dockery (@theladydockers) on


One of our very favourites on both Instagram and Twitter has been "Jo Fro," Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates), who is popular as @jofroggatt on Instagram and also @JoFroggatt on Twitter:




What will be next for dear Anna? She suggests: "Spin off series??? Anna Bates Investigates!"



Spin off series??? Anna Bates Investigates! ??? X

A photo posted by Joanne Froggatt (@jofroggatt) on


To be sure, all of this sharing is encouraged by the Powers That Be—and the cast are not the only participants. Other recent updates include these from Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins and screenwriter, film director, and Downton producer Chris Croucher:



Can't believe just completed final dress design for #DowntonAbbey feeling emotional #BehindTheScenes #DontWantItToEnd x

A photo posted by annamaryscott (@annamaryscott) on



Last day shooting at Highclere Castle today. #TheBeginningOfTheEnd #ThankYouForHavingUs

A photo posted by Chris Croucher (@chriscreaturefeature) on


Finally, official accounts like those on Twitter from @DowntonAbbey in the UK, @MASTERPIECEPBS in the US, and @KCTS9 in Seattle and Vancouver, BC are also well worth a look. Just the other day, at @KCTS9 we shared a gallery of cast photos, which included and was reshared by Joanne Froggatt herself, and had been supplied by PBS.

Below is a link to that gallery, followed by a last few updates. Of course, there is much, much more on Twitter and Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond. Follow us at @KCTS9 on Instagram and @KCTS9 on Twitter, and as many others as you like to keep up to date. The hashtags #DowntonPBS, #DowntonAbbey, #Downton, and lately #LastDaysOfDownton are worth a look. You'll only find the best of it by exploring and joining in. Enjoy!






Come rain or sunshine; love blossoms! #Downton #BehindTheScenes #Series5 #BritishWeather #DowntonAbbey

A photo posted by Downton Abbey (@downtonabbey_official) on



Whatever has tickled you, Mrs Patmore and Daisy? #Downton #BehindTheScenes #TeamServants #DowntonAbbey #Series5

A photo posted by Downton Abbey (@downtonabbey_official) on






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Downton Abbey will go down as a classic to be seen over & over. In my view it is the best acted and best series I have ever seen.