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Avoiding Downton Abbey 4 Spoilers: An Illuminated Guide, with Printable Spoiler Spoiler

How to Spoil a Spoiler
If you ever converse with people, familiar or unfamiliar, encounter material from the media or social media, or breathe oxygen, you could encounter Downton Abbey S4 plot spoilers.

What is a spoiler?
A spoiler is a piece of story information that reveals plot elements. Spoilers can come from close friends, social media, coffee shop chatter—anywhere! Because we believe that stories are meant to be told, not spoiled, we’ve imagined a list of defense strategies for keeping Downton Abbey S4 plot spoilers out of your life.

Here’s how it works. First, print out your Spoiler Spoiler Checklist and your Spoiler Spoiler Desktop Sign. Then, practice, practice, practice. This could happen to you – be prepared!

Situation 1 – Stranger danger: Overhearing Downton chatter in a public space.
Solution: Use headphones or earplugs to create a sound barrier.

Situation 2 – Internet infractions: News source or social media outlet leaks.
Solution: Use a handkerchief or monitor drop cloth (aka “Spoiler Shroud”), or a dry-erase marker to black out undesirable info.

Situation 3 – Well-wisher woes: A friend or loved one mentions a critical plot twist.
Solution: Change the conversation by announcing important news. Exclaim, “I won the lottery!” or “My dog will be competing in the Olympics!”

Situation 4 – Downton Spoiler Apocalypse [Downton Devastation]: Situations 1, 2, and 3 occur at the same time.
Solution: Light a smoke bomb, sound your air horn and, in the ensuing confusion, remove yourself immediately to a safe, media-free, undisclosed location.

When the suspense is too much to bear and your resolution weakens, remember: Wait for Sunday!