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Broken by reminders of the past, Mr. Dorrit returns to Amy in Italy. A scandal hits...
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Rigaud begins an extortion scheme against Mrs. Clennam, while Flintwitch observes. Pancks...

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Romance and heartbreak are in the air as John Chivery proposes to Amy, Arthur vies for...
Masterpiece Classic  ·  Episode 3912

Little Dorrit, Part 4 of 5

Alarmed that his mother is suspected of murdering Rigaud, Arthur searches for the scoundrel. He also finds time to invest in Merdle's bank, as does most of London, including the newly arrived Mr. Dorrit. Amy stays behind in Venice. Little Dorrit won seven 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Miniseries, Writing, Directing, Costuming, Casting, Art Direction, and Cinematography.
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