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Rigaud begins an extortion scheme against Mrs. Clennam, while Flintwitch observes. Pancks...
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Amy "Little" Dorrit is mysteriously summoned from the Marshalsea debtor's prison, where...

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Wounded during a night burglary attempt with the psychopath Sikes, Oliver is nursed back...
Masterpiece Classic  ·  Episode 3910

Little Dorrit, Part 2 of 5


Romance and heartbreak are in the air as John Chivery proposes to Amy, Arthur vies for the hand of Pet Meagles, and Fanny Dorrit leads on playboy Edmund Sparkler, stepson of financier Mr. Merdle. Little Dorrit won seven 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Miniseries, Writing, Directing, Costuming, Casting, Art Direction, and Cinematography.

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