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Margaret: The Rebel Princess

This new special, featuring rare footage and interviews with those who knew her best, offers unparalleled insight into Margaret’s turbulent life and times. Her unique position as the Queen’s younger sister in a changing Britain left her free to experiment and push boundaries, yet she was forever judged by a public and press beginning to question the very idea of a monarchy. While Margaret often followed the rigid rules under which she was raised, she also stepped outside those rules and into scandal. A complicated and contradictory princess, her story parallels her era, when the rules of social norms were being rewritten and a freer, more egalitarian society was emerging


Season 1
Peek in on Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones at the start of their married...
Season 1
Learn how Princess Margaret’s life and loves reflected the social and sexual revolution...


Follow this intimate two-part series profiling Princess Margaret.

Upcoming Episodes

Sun 2/10, 10:00pm
Margaret: The Rebel Princess: S0E101
Tue 2/12, 2:00pm
Margaret: The Rebel Princess: S0E101